Terry Henderson on the Issues

Jobs & Economic Development

  • Promote tax and regulatory policies to foster business growth

  • Reduce regulations that stifle innovation and job growth

Education & Youth Development

  • Support education and training policies that allow states to prepare our kids for successful careers in agriculture, skilled trades, manufacturing, business, technology and entrepreneurship

  • Develop cost efficient models for young adults to achieve their career goals without accumulating massive debt loads they’ll never be able to pay off

Safety & Security

  • The paramount purpose of the federal government is to provide for our national security

  • Support funding the mission of our U.S. Armed Forces while eliminating tax wasting redundant policies

  • Support a strong homeland security and promote state and federal cooperation with our state and local law enforcement and first responders

  • Keep our promises and provide support for our Veterans and their families


  • The American farmer feeds the world, we need to streamline regulations and tax policies to help our family farmers fairly compete in the global marketplace

  • Promote policies and a tax-code that allows farmers keep their land in production and pass their operations from one generation to the next without an onerous tax burden

Science & Technology

  • Science & technology innovation is paramount to the economic growth of Indiana and our country, I will work to make sure our regulations promote innovation

  • I’ll Promote Public - Private collaboration and investment for advancing Indiana's leading industries

U.S. Constitution

  • Support the U.S. Constitution and judges who do the same

  • Support the 2nd Amendment and upholding the right of individuals to keep and bear arms

  • Support the Constitution’s guarantee that no one can “be deprived of life, liberty and property” without due process